Beginning February, I will be making changes to my shops' inventory to include new products (Fun!) and price adjustments (not so fun). As costs for supplies/gas/postage/etc. continue to increase, it has become necessary for me to raise my prices. Thanks for understanding!


Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sales!
Key Fobs 2/$10
FREE Priority Shipping on purchase totaling $50 or more (11/24-26)
Head over to the shops for details :)


Every once in a blue moon... you open a shop.

That's right, Wandering Threads is officially, official. The shops are up and (sorta) running and the blog graphics are in place. I originally wanted to wait and 'unveil' everything at one time but, well, you know how it is - I was too excited :)

Blogged: It's Official


I could make this all mysterious and 'ooh, I've got a secret' but, I'm not. Instead, I will tell you that I can't wait to show you my new logo and blog goodies, as well as my new online shop(s). I've been working with Lisa of My Little Buffalo Designs and she has been excellent - I highly recommend her!

I will be participating in my first vendor fair so my goal is to have everything in place by the middle of July (Friday the 13th to be exact).

Now is the part where I say please be patient as I work myself silly to get ready and have to put some things on hold, like my scrappy diamonds. But the good news is that I will have a lot more scraps to play with!

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