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Quick Tip #1: EASY Fob Tool

Quick Tip 1
One thing that really made me crazy while making key fobs
was attaching the hardware. I used an old piece of batting as
a barrier between the metal so that the fob wouldn't get scratched.
Unfortunately, it also made it difficult to see what I was doing and more than once my fobs came out crooked.

Then I had a brilliant idea. Yeah, I know that sounded conceited but I'm pretty excited about this!

I decided to glue a piece of felt to each side of the pliers. As you can see in the photo, I am able to see (and control) exactly how the hardware is being attached. No more crooked fobs! I used cheap felt from Michaels and E6000 glue.

I also recommend stealing the pliers, attaching the felt, then asking for forgiveness - in that order ;)

EDIT: After about 10 fobs the felt started to wear through. I'm adding another layer but I think I'll look into a different material too. Make sure you check the pliers frequently so that you don't scratch the hardware! 

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