Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I've been working hard to finish up some projects before I head to Ireland. The other day I mentioned that I'm making travel wallets. Let me tell you, it's not going well - at all. I am on number four and quickly losing patience! I don't know what the issue is. Okay, yes I do. First, I keep screwing up my measurements. Just when I think I figured it all out, I forget to add a seam allowance somewhere - ARGH! For the most part, I've been able to compensate so I guess I'm only losing out on time. Second, I'm using too much fabric for the various pockets and that's making them a bit bulky - haven't been able to correct this yet. However, I think the real issue is that I'm not loving the design - it's not very exciting. Add that to the other problems plus the resulting sloppiness and I am about ready to call it quits! I haven't even completely finished one yet because I get halfway through and can see it's a disaster. Hmm... maybe I should follow through on one and see what happens. That way I'm not quitting. In the meantime, here's another wallet that I finished for my aunt. I guess I'm  pleased with the results. There are a couple flaws but that's because it was the first time I used that type of snap.

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