Monday, October 11, 2010

It is definitely festival season! I spent the past week prepping for the Port Warwick Art and Sculpture Festival that was held this weekend. For the first time in years, I was able to get my hands filthy in clay. Because you need a significant space to work and a place to fire ceramics, I haven't done much since college. I can't even explain how much I've miss it. It was refreshing to dabble in it again.

For the festival, we did a Raku demonstration. For more information on that process, check out this wiki link. I volunteered some old pieces I never got around to glazing as well as some last minute pots. Unfortunately, they 'blew up' (you cannot be hasty when it comes to ceramics!). Below are some photos from the event.

Close-up of the Raku kiln

This pot was from the first firing that never reached temperature.
Even so, I am still happy with the results. I love the scorch marks!

Some items from the 2nd firing that didn't quite get to temp.

Round 3 and we finally achieved the correct temperature!


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