Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Working Like Santa's Elves!

Ok, maybe not quite as hard... but I'm definitely in 'work, work, work' mode. I do love making crafty gifts versus buying items at the store but, for some reason, my list keeps getting longer and longer! I guess it's a good thing I've found myself with a little extra time to spare. Really, I just can't help myself. Here are a couple of photos of a new item I just finished. The little girl purse was fun to make, at least until it came to the straps. Not having access to measurements made it a bit difficult. However, I had a lot of feedback from friends that was extremely helpful. One suggestion was to make the straps long enough to so that the purse could be worn across the shoulder. I really like this idea and I think it would work well to make the straps adjustable so that it could also be carried. Anyway, here is the Princess Purse. Should you absolutely love them and want one for a special little girl ... send me an email :)

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