Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Look Back - Christmas Crafting

I had hoped to post these a lot sooner but between the snow and other 'surprises', my plans changed. I ended up spending an extra week with my family in Jersey (which is always nice). Anyway, below are some photos of the Christmas gifts I made. I hope to be adding a tutorial for the Webster Totes shortly!

New Jewelry Roll
This is a 3-zip pocket Jewelry Roll
The original design has 6 pockets total, as each zip-pocket has a Velcro pocket behind it


'May The Force Be With You' and 'Little Princess' pillows.

Webster Totes (Lined and Unlined)

Go Girl Pouches (various sizes)

I also made some candles - it's not a complete gift without my candles!

Up Next: What I Did On My Christmas Vacation

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