Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting Scrappy

I actually had my scraps organized by color ... once.

Like most, working in fabric leaves me with a lot of scraps. And I mean a lot. Part of the problem is that I hate to throw any fabric away so I'm left with some very small pieces. I can't help but think that it would be a great start to a bigger block... Still, eventually you have to use them or you're left with that mess over there. And that's only one basket!

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Awhile ago I started making scrappy blocks to be used in a quilt someday. They are fun to make and help me get back into sewing after a hiatus or when I need inspiration. Then I saw the Lancaster Diamond Quiltalong and couldn't resist. First of all, I love Daisy Janie fabric - it's absolutely wonderful to work with! I also really appreciate her blog. Not only is there crafty stuff to read about, but Jan also has a great series on growing organically, as well as other environmentally conscious topics. If you've ever been curious about organic fabric, start here. She also has numerous links you can check out. Anyway, I received my template yesterday from Ann Holte Quilting and made my first block last night! I fully intend to mix styles and colors. The only uniformity will be in the sashing and cornerstones.

Another scrappy project I just completed (yes, I actually finished something!!) was a journal for one of my favorite people. She's a great friend with a lot on her plate so I really wanted to make her a little something special. Unfortunately, she has one of everything I've ever made - mug rugs, quilts, totes... you get the picture. So I asked for some advice and my twin (Selina of My Little House) came to the rescue suggesting a journal . Ironically, I had been wanting to make one for quite some time plus I knew that my friend would love it! It was the perfect suggestion (then again, that's why we're cosmic twins).

None of the photos turned out that great which is a bummer because that might just be my best binding job ever! I found some great little notebooks with perforated pages that would be great for unleashing deep, dark secrets... err, fantasies... personal thoughts, as well as a regular notebook because you can tear out (or burn) the parts you don't want to keep. Seriously, I think it's a convenient little journal :) Most importantly, my friend loved it and that's what matters most!

The construction of the journal was done using scraps from projects where I used interfacing - Pellon 809, to be exact (I buy it by the bolt). The interior also has interfacing. Then I added a layer of batting and did some straight line quilting. I was very pleased with the construction and it lays flat when closed. I plan to make a few more now that I've found more scraps!

How about you? Do you have any scrappy projects in the works?


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  1. The journal looks amazing! And I super love your scrap blocks too! You are so talented and wonderful, no wonder though, since we're twins ;)
    Scrappy projects I have going on at the moment would be zipper bags. I have mastered the zipper - finally - and now I love making them.

    1. Thanks :) Your zipper bags look great too! Once you get zippers, they're pretty easy. Learning them can be a (insert favorite expletive).

  2. Beth - that journal is SOOOO cute! I love it!!

  3. I saw that you were participating in the Lancaster Diamonds and wanted to check out your blog. I love your diamond block. Great fabrics. Your journal cover looks great.
    I started using some of my practice quilt sandwiches in zippered pouches and plan a journal cover out of painted fabric for my daughter. My first zippered pouch is blogged here
    See you in the LD Flickr group.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I just took a quick peak at the link. That's your FIRST pouch?! It's great. I love that it was made with 'leftovers' :) And it looks like we're both take scrappy to the max with our diamonds. Can't wait to see the rest of your :)