Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Amy Butler Cameo Sew-A-Long

A. PrintChoices
This is the first installment for the Amy Butler Cameo Sew-A-Long. I first heard about it on Twitter (of course) and was already in the middle of a project using Cameo so it was perfect timing.

I’ve had ideas for a messenger bag for quite some time but I kept putting it off. I guess I knew it would take a bit more math than usual – and you all know how I feel about that!

I typically buy small cuts of fabric because it’s much easier to cut in a small space. However, my favorite things to make are bags – any style – and yardage is the much better choice. I found a good deal on Cameo at Fabricworm and bought a few ½ yards in various styles.

B. Piping

Besides creating a functional/practical and attractive messenger bag, my other goal was to use new techniques.

I added piping around the flap and to the sides of the outer fabric. It can be a bit tricky but I love it! Definitely going to add piping to the living room pillows I've been making for 2 years (shh!).

C. Elastic

The other 'new' technique I attempted was elastic pockets. After using elastic for the pj shorts I made, I knew I wanted to try it on a bag pocket.

Here is a terrible photo of the outer pocket (under the flap). I had NO IDEA what I was doing so I improvised and ended up adding two triangular pieces, one to each side, because I didn't account for the extra inches needed due to the elastic bunching up the fabric (duh).

Oh well, live and learn - that's the point, right?

The hazards of seam ripping and getting it together...

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