Friday, December 24, 2010

The Humor Of It All

Only 3 days 1 day until Christmas. FINE! It's Christmas Eve so it's already here. I give up. I'm out of time. I did not finish everything on my list. You win. So now what?!

Well, let's flashback three days ago...

When I originally started to write this entry, I was in oh !?#* panic mode. Despite my best efforts, I found myself running out of time and working up until the last possible second. I have no idea how this always seems to happen but it does and then I become a bit, how should I put it, INSANE! Yes, that's an apt description.

See, in my mind I think I have plenty of time. So much, in fact, that I actually add to my holiday 'Must-Do' list. But then the calendar of reality comes crashing down and I realize that I have more items on the 'to-do' side than I have on the 'completed-you-rock' side. And then the stress sets in. And the sleepless nights. And the delirium. And the sillies. And then?

And then, I look like this (it's okay to laugh).

Yes, that's my tape measure wrapped around my head.
I got tired of losing it - do you have a better solution!?

At this point I have blocked out the existence of the world around me. It is Beth vs. Christmas and a fierce determination to complete all gifts and extras EXACTLY the way I envision them. If this means random outbursts of song and/or spoken (err, shouted) words - fine. If I need to call upon my mad,experimental dance skills, so be it! Even if it means listening to all the voices in my head (Ssh, they might believe you. I'm kidding. No really, I am.)
Anyway, you get the picture.
So to anyone else trying to make it all perfect or just tying up those loose ends, I say, Time's up! Now take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back for a job well done (don't argue with me). Go grab some eggnog, wine or whatever suits you, and spend the rest of the holidays with your loved ones. There is always next year! Did I mention I will be starting in June?

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