Friday, February 18, 2011

The evolution of today's Friday Funny

Okay, so since getting a good nights sleep is becoming a pretty regular issue (mind swirling with project ideas, material orders, etc...and oh! did I mention this baby seems to be dancing his/her face off in the late night hours and loving life in the womb??) I spent a good portion of the wee morning hours gathering ideas for today's funny. The only problem is, I had not envisioned that when I got out of bed I would spend my time drinking my yummy "inspiration" tea and getting sucked into Family Guy clip after Family Guy clip after Family Guy clip.. (I think you get the I like the show a little bit).

And there you go folks, the evolution of today's Friday Funny. As a tribute to my very dear pal Beth (star wars fanatic) Milk and Cookies provided just the ticket.

Enjoy these clips! My hope is that they provide lots of laughs. And if you aren't a fan of Family Guy OR Star Wars...well then you are out of luck this week and I think it's time we have a serious discussion on the finer things in life.

Happy Weekend!

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