Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Funny and Update

So it's Friday Funnies and I think we have a good one this week. However, I thought we should give a bit of an update since we haven't shared anything in some time.

I finished up another quilt. Yay! I had hoped to post about it this week but the weather has been cloudy/rainy and I haven't been able to get any decent shots. Hopefully I will get some photos over the weekend and be able to post them by Wednesday. I am also hoping to put together a couple tutorials for the Webster Tote and Go Girl Pouches.

Tricia and I are working hard on the business and are getting very excited about opening the Etsy Shop - more on that in the next few months.

And this week's Friday Funny comes from Neil Cicierega's, Potter Puppet Pals. I probably could have picked any of the skits but I chose The Mysterious Ticking Noise. I first saw this on YouTube a couple years ago and it's just as funny. I love the spastic Harry! I hope you enjoy and I recommend checking out the other videos.


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