Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I was determined to post something of substance before Friday this week. I mean we are running a craft blog not a comedy club, right? Right. See, in a perfect world I would be a well-organized, 'got my you-know-what together' kinda gal and have blog posts sitting in a neat little folder on my desktop waiting to be uploaded. But the reality is that I've never been that person and probably never will be. Therefore, I am sitting here at 12:20a.m. rambling on about what a disorganized person I am instead of posting something of substance. Substance... hmm... how about this:

So I finished my second quilt and the weather finally cooperated to let me take a few photos. The fabric I used was Frolic by Moda, as well as an upcycled flat sheet. I didn't follow any particular pattern since I used the panel as the focal point. 

I added basic squares for a border - I believe the first border's squares are 5"x5". Then I used the sheet for the strip in between. The smaller squares were a sort of an evolution of mistakes. I was going to just do another row of 5x5's but it looked too crowded and 'blah'. Then I tried to get fancy and complicated which didn't work out so well and resulted in the smaller squares for a final border. I'm happy with it but I think it needed a little something extra - next time.

The quilting process was a bit more involved than the one I made for Tricia. Then again, I also had a lot longer to complete this one. 
I decided to do most of the stitching on the panel. I followed the lines of the trees, flowers, etc., adding additional texture. Once the panel was completed, I knew I wanted something very basic and simple to offset the main design. I remembered seeing a tip for sewing straight lines. I really have no idea where I found it or I would post a link. The 'trick' was to use masking tape as a guide. I debated direction, width and every other variable before I decided on the final design. I think the simplicity of the lines works well with the detailed panel. Part of me still wanted to add a criss-cross but I'm controlling myself so I don't overdue it!

Well, that's all I've got for 'Substance' - not too shabby, in my opinion.
Until next time... With you, may the force be!

~ Beth


  1. Oh. My. Word. This quilt took my breath away! I am just in love with it. Yes this counts as substance by far! Love that you are "imperfect" too ;)

  2. Thank you! I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover quilting - I'm having so much fun :D