Friday, March 11, 2011

And the FF Continues

Good news! Bunches of fabric and materials have arrived this past week! I am really hoping to post some fun things that have been in the works the last week, before this little one arrives. One thing I learned is working with velour is not as charming as it once seemed. The material is soft and warm and cozy, and oh, really soft! We kind of had a falling out, me and velour, after all the stretching and realigning and re-cutting and more stretching she put me through. However, we have slowly been starting to get along more (as of like, yesterday) we'll see how that works out for us and our other future endeavors. :)

OK so- Despite a bit of confusion last week as to whether or not I was in labor/giving birth/etc, keeping my dear friend Beth up all night (seriously not cool of me to put her through such turmoil-note to self: do not send mass text again to friends with update on "effacement" and "dilation" without some sort of precursor, like "not in labor-update from routine checkup"), and a few good laughs over the matter...the FF continues on this week Friday, and yes still, with child!

I think this 'toon is perfect in a lot of ways...come on, you can't deny you haven't totally been this Garfield at some point!?

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  1. Maybe what you really mean is not to send a mass text to friends with absolutely NO pregnancy experience! Hahahahaha... still very excited, though :D