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The Cliffs of Moher - see that little pointy piece of land in the
second alcove? They filmed a scene there from
Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince
I've been really excited to do a St. Patty's post. I mean this is a national holiday, right? For my husband and I it is (he even took off today and tomorrow). But as far as writing about it, what can I say?

* Everyone should wear green?
*Drink a Guinness
*Listen to some Irish music

Sure, everyone should be doing at least one of these things to honor the day, but do I really need to put that out there? Of course not. So what then do I write... How about an artist showcase!

Poulnabrone Dolmen, the Burren, County Clare

Lahinch, County Clare
Some of you may remember from the She's Crafty blog that last summer I went to Ireland with my family. And it was amazing! This is definitely a trip you should add to your Bucket List. We were very lucky to have the best tour guide ever, Martin Murphy and I highly recommend him should you wish to go that route for your trip. One of the benefits of having a personal guide, was that we got to see some places and meet some people that we would have missed with a larger tour.

One such place was the surfing town of Lahinch. Such beautiful scenery and as an added bonus we stopped at an artist's studio/shop. Phillip Morrison is a painter and a really nice guy! He took the time to talk about his work and even showed me a couple works in progress. I love his whimsical style and that he celebrates his local landscape. To learn more about him, check out his website.
'Lahinch' by Phillip Morrison
Taken from his website:
 Visiting his studio/shop was truly a unique and memorable highlight of the trip. While we couldn't afford an original, we each left with a print!

So that's it. That's my St. Patrick's Day post. Now, go get your green on, get to the nearest pub with Irish music and order that Guinness - Because today, Everyone is Irish!

Streets of Kinsale, County Cork

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