Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, everyone, I had hoped to add a couple new posts today and this weekend but I just don't have time. Hurricane Irene will be here in 24 hours or so and I still have a lot left to do to get prepared. The last major hurricane we experienced was Isabel in 2003. For that one, I evacuated myself to Jersey. Unfortunately, that's not an option this time since Irene is an attention whore and will be hitting there too! Isabel was a true disaster. The town where I taught still had families living in FEMA trailers 5 years later. The Virginia coast is often ignored for the more exciting areas of the Outer Banks NC, DC, NYC etc. but we are almost always affected by the big storms every season to include those winter Nor'easters. I hope any of you anywhere close to Irene's path are taking the warnings and suggestions seriously, especially my Northeast clan. You guys are used to blizzards but I think hurricanes are way worse (I speak from experience). So everyone BE SAFE and I will blog when all of this blows over.

**EDIT 8/29: That copyright photo/comic violation message was a total accident and now I feel bad. No copyright infringement was intended which is why I included the link and original info in the first place.**

May the force be with all of us!


  1. Love the description of Irene as a whore. Glad my continuous viewing of Irene coverage has not shown you as somebody out running errands because it is no big deal:) Glad you are safe, hope power comes back soon!

  2. Watch my blog Beth, will be posting at the end of the week. Squeee I can't wait to see what I get and wonder when it will be? Isn't this just so much fun.

  3. Christine- I admit to going outside but that was when it was calm and we had to let the dogs out :)

    Jeanne- Was this for the Pay It Forward post? If so, I will add you to the list :)