Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

Meet Bones. He is a bad little kitty
 that showed up at our door on the Fourth of July.
And we love him!
I admit it, this summer I've been extremely lazy with updating the blog. I just can't seem to get myself to focus long enough to write. Therefore, to alleviate my guilt, I've decided to post some photos of what I've been up to.

Number 1: Azriel Bones McCoy

I arranged two homes for Bones and drove him all the way up to Jersey only to drive him all the way back to VA. He is now a permanent resi-


There I was, chatting away to my mother in Jersey. In the middle of a sentence, I paused because I felt a little rumble like when the train goes by. But this felt different... why? BECAUSE IT WAS! Everything started rattling and then the real shaking started. The whole house was moving! I say to my mom, 'Holy (expletive!- you know the word) we're having an earthquake!' So what did I do? Um... I stood in a doorway and continued to describe it to my mom. Not one of my brightest moves, I admit.

But then the swaying started and, personally, this was the scariest part. There was complete silence (except for my play-by-play) and the house just started swaying. I had to lean against the door jamb for balance (you can stop laughing at my stupidity now, thanks). I thought it was just me at first but then I realized it was the quake. It literally felt like the house was riding waves, which I guess technically it was.

As soon as the 'reality' of the situation hit, my mom says, 'Oh Beth, we're having one too. Everything is shaking!' My mom lives in a 2nd floor apartment so I told her to hang up and go outside. Then the adrenaline really started pumping because, WTF?! An earthquake from VA to Jersey? That's just insane! And by now we all know what happened and no one was hurt (thank the gods) and the jokes have started.

So in honor of this momentous deflowering of the earthquake virgins I thought I'd post one of my favorite 'earthquake moments'. Enjoy :)



  1. Hahaha! Omg. Okay, so two things. When I was a kid I totally had a cat named Azriel. After Gargamel's cat on the Smurfs (my favorite cartoon as a kid). And, I LOVE Laverne and Shirley. Actually Lizze and I call each other that sometimes! We even have special cups - for drinking our spicy drinks - with our initials on them. I've considered stealing all of Lizze's shirts and appliqueing giant, cursive L's on them.
    Oh, and a third thing. I'm glad you're okay :)

  2. Well, he is named after Gargamel's cat, my best friend and I growing up used to sign notes to each other, 'Laverne and Shirley/ Kate and Ally' and you really should have appliqued the big 'L'. Hahaha! Oh, and it's scary the things we have in common :D