Friday, September 9, 2011

Upcycling Jeans: Thursday's (not so bright) Idea

For the past two days, I've been in a funk. I don't know why, I just am. But instead of taking my husband's advice and vegging out with video games, I opted to push myself into a frazzled state of crazy. Generally speaking, sometimes working through a bad mood is a good idea. SOMETIMES. But not this time. Not. This. Time. Not only did I screw up basic mundane tasks like ironing a quilt block and cutting fabric, I also made a total mess of an old pair of jeans and cut into a pile of my 'specials'. I could kick and scream and pout, but instead, I thought I'd give you a play by play of my 'project' and the intended point of this post. Besides I freaked out earlier so I'm good now.

Upcycling Jeans: Making A New Skirt (the real title)

You know better, Murphy Pup! You bad boy!

* Curse at all the clothes that don't fit and decide to go on a diet.
* Ignore the bad dog on the bed. You have bigger fish to fry (and he's really too cute to move)!

Momo Odyssea Fabric for Moda
(been hoarding these suckers for 2 years)
 2. Choose some fun fabric
* That's right, dig into that stash of 'Specials'. You won't mess up- you're invincible :)
*Note to self: Shut up!

 3. Take a deep breath... (or maybe a shot of something strong)

4. CUT
* Cut the inseams up to the crotch
   -DO NOT wear jeans while attempting this

* Decide how long you want the skirt then cut off the legs.

* Cut the sides if you think you need to add a few inches.
   - Curse, take a shot, then decide,
once again, to go on a diet

(NOTE: I believe this is where I may have screwed up...)

5. Get Creative!
* At this point you are way out of your league
  - Meh, (Expletive) it, cut up your 'Specials' and start sewing anyway.

 6. After sewing, step back and admire your work.

7. Acknowledge that your creativity may have gotten a little out of hand and that you just cut up your 'Special' for nothing.
* Admit that you'd rather scrap the fabric than look like a clown!
-Vanity (1)
- Beth (0)

*sigh* Where's the damn seam ripper?!

8. Spend the next hour ripping seams and attempting to 'fix' mistakes.

9. Throw scissors  Take a deep breath, accept defeat for today and find something else to do...
like play a video game or something.

 Do or do not! There is no try! - Yoda


EDIT: Just for the record, no alcohol was consumed while attempting this project. Taking a shot here and there was merely a suggestion. Besides, I prefer to drink at night ;)


  1. You know, maybe if you WERE drinking, I would've turned out? That happens to me sometimes. I start working on something, no clue what I'm doing, then I wake up in the morning and see it on the table and think "I made that? Wow. I'm awesome." True story.

  2. Funny, I was thinking the same thing. Luckily, tonight is #gdas so maybe I will try out your theory ;)

  3. I don't think it looks bad, you should try it on and show us!

  4. Thanks, Rebecca :) I actually finished it today and posted the photo on Fave 5 Friday (and Twitter, of course). Better photos to come!

  5. i think it looks great, especially because of all the cussing and object throwing!!
    seriously tho, this is why i dont sew clothes

  6. He He, I have the exact same MoMo fabric! I made valences out of it for my kitchen. I'm sure I'm too late to give a suggestion, but you could have made it into a purse instead. :)

    1. A purse would have been a good idea! Believe it or not, I actually wore that skirt in public. I figured with all the hard work and frustration, why not :)

  7. Hey, that's the same fabric I made curtains from for my kitchen pad holder too. :)