Friday, September 9, 2011

Fave 5 Friday

Sharon over at A Prairie Sunrise has started Fave 5 Friday. The idea is to post your 5 favorite photos from the week. Wanna play too? Just head over to her blog, add your link and you're all set!


The first two are of Bones the kitten. I hate that he thinks the pile of fabric, that always seems to accumulate on my table, is his bed. But look how cute! I just didn't have the heart to move him. Besides, that fabric is for a personal project so no worries.

#2 There she goes again with that crazy contraption!
Alas, I never get to sleep.

A pile of 'Odyssea'. If you saw my last post, then this probably looks familiar. I included it because I like the photo and because the skirt from hell was a significant part of my week! (See below)


#4 This first idea really is hilarious!
The final two photos are of my 'new' skirt. This was my first time.
Well, almost, but I don't count the almost-lounge-pants I made for Shawn. Let's just say they were unique, especially in the crotch...

#5 And for the record, I'm wearing a Muse tee.
That was for you, twin!

Well, there's my Fave 5 Friday. I hope you enjoyed!



  1. A Muse tee? Seriously? Heehee! Love it!!!

  2. Why did my comment not post? What the heck?!

    That skirt looks so cute! Thanks for linking up. :D

  3. I knew you'd like that, Selina :) I see your comment, Sharon, so I don't know what happened. Blogger gets persnickety sometimes. Thanks :)

  4. I am totally posting this on my friends facebook wall. Right up her ally. Thanks!