Sunday, November 13, 2011


This week's For The Love Of... is animals. Oh yeah, I've got this covered! I love my four-legged children and here they are from oldest to youngest.

Lazy summer afternoon...

Doozer 'Fred'
Named after the doozers in Fraggle Rock, he's the patriarch of the clan. He'll be 14 in April and he's my baby!

After a day of swimming.

Murphy 'McGee'
Named for the beer, Murphy's Irish Stout, he'll be 10 in April. I love this pup so much!! He's a mutt with the best of every breed- there's no sweeter dog.


The most obstinate cat you'll ever meet. But also one of the sweetest love-bugs too. Like the rest of the clan, he loves people and insists you pay attention to him when you visit. He often hangs out on my shoulders while I garden and sew. We 'acquired' him so we estimate he's about 9 or 10.

Scout absolutely LOVES to swim.
We have to pretend we're going to leave him
just to get him out of the water. 

Scout 'dum-dum'
I brought Scout home from Jersey as Murphy's (and my husband's) Christmas present. He was such a little thing that he slept in a laundry basket in the front seat. Now, he's almost 100 lbs! He's a big dork- runs into things, acts like he's still 6 months old... but we love him :) He turns 5 this month.

How could I take this little face to the pound?!

Azrael Bones McCoy
Last but not least is our newest addition, Bones. There's not a whole lot to say since I've already blogged about him. I will say that he's already given us hours of entertainment and he and Scout are buds.

I never intended to have 5 animals- I certainly didn't anticipate Bones! However, I really can't imagine life without them. Yes, they are PITAs and yes, they can be expensive and are high-maintenance but they're worth it. And we love them!

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