Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Hoopty (A swap)

Yeah, yeah, I know I was supposed to be slowly recapping all the stuff I never blogged about but I changed my mind. I'm just so excited to 'show and tell' that I'm just going to do a flashback now and then. So, for now, we're back in the present.

Most of you know I'm a Misfit Quilter and you probably know what that means (if not, click the link). This time, I participated in a hoop swap. I have to say, a few months ago I saw people talking about 'hoops' and I had no idea what they were. Now? I'm intimately familiar. My partner was Sharon from A Prairie Sunrise (the one who does the, 'For The Love Of...' linky party). She was specific with her preferences, which was a relief! She requested a water theme - mermaids, sea turtles etc. because it's always so dry where she lives. I instantly had an idea :)

I decided to go with a mermaid.
I knew I had the perfect selection of fabrics that I dyed last year.
Here is the initial sketch.

And here is the final design.
I agonized over the mermaid face and
ended up making it very subtle.
Other than worrying that my partner wouldn't like her hoop, I really enjoyed making it. The hardest part for me was the stitching since I had little experience with cross stitch/ embroidery.

And now for the amazing hoop package I received! Drum roll please...

This hunk of burning love came from my friend, Amy, at The Accidental Crafter. Check out her post about the hoop here. Not only is the stitching excellent, but the whole idea is awesome! I was so excited when I received my box of goodies. Besides the hoop, she sent a generous pile of fabric and some chocolate. You can see what's left in the photo ;)

Seriously, how funny is this? And so much better than the 3 little old ladies :)

Thanks again, Amy!