Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis The Season (to work like an elf)

Well, it's officially the holiday season. WooHoo. That was only a tad sarcastic :) Really, I love this time of year but I always seem to run around like a crazy woman trying to finish up my gifts. I think I had a tally last year. So what's this year's status? Let's just say that I'm looking into a coffee IV for all the future late nights! However, I do have one thing I can share: My new Tree Pants!

In the past, our tree skirts were anything from a $10 Walmart special to an old blanket. This year I was determined to make one but I wasn't looking forward to sewing the circular pattern. I know, how hard could it be? But if you saw my list of presents I STILL have to make, you'd understand why I wanted to avoid a new endeavor, especially one that could prove frustrating.

Thanks to some recommendations, I ended up making the Tree Pants pattern from Happy Zombie. Check out her site- there's a lot of cool stuff!

Ta daaaaa....

I used Holiday Magic by Studio E (which I purchased last year).

This is the back view. I love the way the red thread looks against the black. I also like how the stars look not quilted. I know when I wash it, that could be a problem with such a large space not quilted, but I just couldn't bring myself to touch them.

So that's about all I'll be making myself. How about you, are you making anything special this season?

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  1. I am ignoring the drastic tone...LOVE your pants!!!

  2. Love, love, love the tree pants!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Now, now Christmas Spice, we can't all be as festive as you :) And thanks, ladies, for the compliment!