Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Liebster Award

Let me start by saying how embarrassed I am that I did not write this post sooner! The summer was much more hectic than I expected and of course the blog suffered for it. In July, Kristina over at The Nerdy Sewist gave me a Liebster Award and I was so excited - me? Win a blog award?? I had my entire post planned and then... I woke up and it was almost September. September! How did this happen?????? (Expletive!)

Like most of my crafty circle of friends, I 'met' Kristina on Twitter. I enjoy her blog and have had much fun getting to know her, so receiving the Liebster from her was even better :)

But I suppose at this point, you're probably wondering what the _____ is a Liebster. Here are the details:

Liebster means Dearest in German and the award is a ‘share the love arrangement’ that is given to inspirational bloggers with less than 200 followers. There is a list of things that recipients are required to do upon receiving the award.

§  Thank the person who presented you with the award on your blog.
§  Link back to the blogger who gave you the award.
§  Copy and paste the award on your blog
§  Present the Liebster Award to 5 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.
§  Let them know you’ve chosen them by leaving a comment on their blog.

I really wanted to stick with the under 200 followers rule because there are a lot of great bloggers out there who deserve more of a following. I also didn’t want to pick someone that already won so that some fresh meat could be thrown into the mix. In the end, it was really hard to pick only 5 with so many excellent blogs out there, but here they are...

1. Selina of Little House. I know I’ve talked about her before (we are Cosmic Twins, after all) but Selina is super talented and can make anything! She ‘recently’ posted her first tutorial for a really cute apron – check it out, The Gardener's Bucket Apron!

2. Amy of The Accidental Crafter. Another lovely friend I’ve enjoyed getting to know, Amy’s made/making some really amazing quilts! I love seeing little snippets of what she’s working on. She also has an excellent ironing board tutorial over here.

3. Christine from Creations for Eleanor. Christine is my favorite Spice Girl and I actually got to meet in real life this summer! She makes the cutest kids clothing (psst… her model is extra cute) and hair bows. While it’s been some time since she’s updated her blog (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, C) you should still peruse it because she posts a nice variety of crafty stuff.

4. Kristina of Sew Curly. Kristina and I were feeling the craft fair crunch this summer (she much more than I). I was also hoping to meet her in real life but it just didn't work out. Next time, Kristina! Her blog is full of good stuff like recipes, quick craft projects and more. You can also get to her shop from there.

5. Katherine of Honeyhill Designs. Another Twitter bud, Katherine makes all sorts of things - just take a look at her last entry. You should also look around her entire site to really see her work. Good stuff!

Alright ladies, now it’s your turn. Good luck… it took me forever to pick 5!

**Oh, and if any of you want your images removed, or Amy if you have one I can add, just let me know. I didn't want to ask first and ruin the surprise :D**

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