Saturday, November 17, 2012

Amy Butler Cameo Sew-A-Long Part II

You can read Part I here, where I introduced my project.

This time I'm going to share some of the issues I had while making the messenger bag.
First of all, I made this up as I went. I had a general idea as to what the finished bag should look like, but that was it. On one hand, it was a very liberating experience, on the other, it resulted in several mistakes that I couldn't fix.

<--- Like that one over there. I had the interior completely finished when I realized that it was way too big. So I had to take it apart. And because I was a bit frustrated, I may have taken it out on the lining... and ripped the fabric. But it wasn't until I put the bag together that I realized how bad it was.


My seam ripping fiasco also created an issue after putting the bag together. You can see that in the second photo. That too would have required taking apart the entire bag again. It also would have made the finished bag smaller. I chose to leave it and learn from it.

Take home message for this round: 'Patience, Young Padawan!'

There are a couple other photos on my Flickr page showing more issues and the process, in general.

Next Time: Finishing touches and the finished bag


  1. Hello, just taking a break from my SAL project and I must say that I have never ripped so much ever. Glad to know I am not alone.

    1. I never know whether to whisper sweet-nothings or curse my seam ripper!