Monday, February 4, 2013


First pillow completely finished!

I considered making this a 'resolutions' post but I don't make resolutions. I prefer goals because they are something you work toward and meet at your own pace. Resolutions are for a year and that's just stressful, or in some cases, too long for me to slack! However, I do like the idea of starting fresh in January.

This year, I am working toward finishing all of my WIPs. I was going to start with the oldest but I put that one aside again. It's a quilt that will be double-sided but my measurements for the back were off and now it needs to be fixed. Plus, it's for me so it's low on the priority list.

Quilted. Needs back and binding.

So what is a priority? Living room pillows! Seriously, I've been making them for two years - pathetic, really.

As an added incentive (besides having nice pillows for the couch) I was invited to join the Pillow Pop group on flickr. The group will be making pillows based on the patterns in Pillow Pop by Heather Bostic of .House. of A La Mode. In other words, NO EXCUSES not to get them done!

Pieced. Needs quilting, back and binding.
I'm using Curio by Basic Grey.
Each one will be a different pattern. Right now I'm only making two sizes (18x18 and 24x24) but I'm hoping to include a couple round ones and a bolster or two. We'll see...

Anyone else trying to knock out some old WIPs this year? How do you prioritize your projects?


  1. I have that book too and am in a group making some of the designs from it!!! I'm excited to get started. As far as WIP's go... I have a bin full of them, and I keep adding to the pile. Someday I will prioritize and get them done. Maybe.

    1. Is that the Misfits QAL? I was thinking I might double-dip :) We should challenge each other to finish some WIP's. Maybe the incentive could be our backpacking trip!