Sunday, August 11, 2013

Improv Star Tutorial

I was asked to make a block of the month for my local quilt guild (Peninsula MQG) and decided stars would be fun. There are a ton of tutorials online and most of them use this method. Google ‘Improv Star Tutorials’ or ‘Wonky Star Quilt Block’ etc. and you will find a great assortment. I think the best part about this block is that you don’t have to measure, cut or make half-square triangles to create the star. YES!

It’s also easy to adjust this block to any size. You could do a really large one as a centerpiece with smaller ones all around. I like using graph paper but all you have to do is choose a size and divide by 3 then add the seam allowance (if necessary).

For example: A finished 24 inch block would need a total of (9) 8 inch blocks (24/3 = 8). Then you can add the seam allowance at ¼” making the final cut size 8.5 inches. I don’t always worry about the seam allowance unless overall size is really important. Just make sure you’re consistent with each piece. 

On a side note: 
Yesterday Alison Glass was the speaker for our Peninsula MQG meeting. It was exciting to meet a designer, especially since I was familiar with her work! I had Lucky Penny on my 'Fabric Wants' list but since I'm broke, I missed out :( Which was especially disappointing after seeing it in person - the colors are so rich - the computer monitor doesn't do it justice. 

I really enjoyed meeting her and hearing her story. Getting to see her fabric lines was also pretty sweet! If you're not familiar with her work, you really need to check it out!

You can find the tutorial on the Wandering Threads Scribd page.

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