Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer, Summer, Summer Time...

Waterfront campsite and a beautiful evening :)
Janes Island, Eastern Shore, MD
Happy Summer!

I hope everyone is staying cool :) Last weekend I was lucky enough to enjoy a short kayaking trip with one of my favorite people. And after that insane storm, I was definitely looking forward to it. We had the best campsite right on the water and it was actually cool enough for a fire. We really lucked out.

And check out that sunset!

Gluing up some change purses for 'Ladies' Night Out' on Thursday :)
Coin Purse Production
Besides a little R&R, I've also been working hard at updating the shop and finishing up some WIPs. The big shop projects are redoing the photos and updating the listings. Lighting is such an issue in my space so... it's taking

But I'm really excited to list a new product - metal coin purses! It took awhile but I have finally perfected the pattern. They can really be frustrating at first but once you 'get it' they are a lot of fun to make.

I'm planning to post a quick tutorial that focuses on helpful tips. Look for it soon (I hope).

Did you catch the music reference in the title?
Here's a hint (and still one of the best summer songs of all time)


  1. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. A song we both like.

  2. I'm glad you had a good time on your trip! Sometimes we just need to get away.
    Your coin purses are super cute! Good luck on the shop update. That's something I need to do as well, but dread it!

    1. Thanks, Selina :) The shop side of having a craft business can really be exhausting. I find that in my desire to make everything 'perfect' I actually end up hindering the process and nothing gets finished...