Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All set. Fabric gift box full of treats and some 'because it's funny' items. Just what every mom-to-be needs :)
I decided, last minute, to take a quick photo of the baby shower gift I made. Of course, it's not the real gift (which is a strip of fabric on a design wall) but I couldn't show up without anything. Plus, I was going to make her a fabric box for the nursery anyway.

Originally, I wanted to put some margarita mix and chocolate into the box as a 'mommy-to-be' gift. However, I don't like margaritas (I know...) so I was clueless about which mix to buy. Then I started thinking about all the things I could include. And of course some items had to be funny, especially for this particular friend!

In the end, I put in some tea, honey sticks, Dove dark chocolate - normal items. But as I wandered the drink aisle, I had an epiphany! Mini-box wine!

AKA, The Mommy Juice Box, although being a mommy is not required (they work great for jewelry conferences too). Warning: If you enjoy wine, like for real wine, these are pretty disgusting... use with caution ;)

To add to the joke, I also bought some grenadine and 7-Up. Even when she wasn't pregnant, my friend often ordered Shirley Temples when we went out and I always harassed her about it. How could I not include them?!

For a last minute substitute gift, I thought this turned out great. In fact, I think fabric goody boxes would be great for any occasion and may just become my go-to gift!

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