Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Process

So I just checked out this article from Etsy and it got me thinking about the Process of creating. I learned a long time ago that I am very process-oriented. When I did ceramics, I was completely involved from making my own clay and glazes to pulling my pieces out of the kiln. I liked knowing that I had a hand in everything, but I also liked the variety of steps. I've done a little bit of graphic arts but it's not the same. The actual physical interaction with the medium is very important for me. This is why I like sewing and fabric in general and why I am becoming more interested in art quilts. I guess with things being so automated now, it's nice to do things 'the hard way' while learning. I have a lot of respect for people like Patrick Barrett and the rest of you committed to the art of the handmade. Kudos to you!

Check out the video (to the right) about Patrick Barrett and his Lucky Duck Press.

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