Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week(s) In Review

She sent a cute little hanging heart too! 

 Let's see, what's been going on. Well, for starters, I received my swap items. Yippee!! I love getting things in the mail, especially presents. Katy sent me an awesome pincushion. You can see the 'before' which really wasn't much of a pincushion, as I just took a scrap piece of foam and wrapped a fabric scrap around it. And the lovely 'after'. I love it! I sent her a tote and some mug rugs. She talks about them here on her blog

The tote and stuff I sent Katy :)

I also had the privelege of joining in on Talkin Tuesdays and GDAS Fridays these past couple weeks. I highly recommend checking it out on Twitter. I've been having a lot of fun making friends and talking shop. So if you are feeling a little isolated in your craft or just want to branch out and meet some new folks, stop by this Tuesday and say hello.

In my time away from the blog, I've managed to acquire some new fabric. Strange how that happens. In my defense, I have several big projects coming up so it was necessary. What exactly are those projects? Well, one is for the I Heart The 80's: Modern Sewing Shop. I couldn't resist. How cute are those mix tapes?! 

I have one idea for a swap item but I'm not telling. The other thing I want to make will include pink and grey squares - think Vans (the shoes).

To be continued...

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  1. A swap hey...I'm in whatever it is ^_^
    *bows to master jedi*

  2. Obsessed I am with the swap. Enough I can't get.